March 17, 2023
WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2022: Do you realize you can send messages on the texting application WhatsApp without saving one’s phone number? Indeed, you heard it right. Most of the clients know nothing about this element on WhatsApp. Normally, WhatsApp doesn’t permit visiting with somebody without saving their number first. Be that as it may, there are sure ways you could message somebody obscure or not in that frame of mind at any point circle.

There are three different ways by which a user can message somebody without saving a phone number. Read details about the methods below.

Use a Web Browser to Send WhatsApp Messages without saving a Phone Number

1. First, open any web browser on your phone.

2. Then type “” (in place of ‘XXXXX’ type the phone number followed by the country code; ed- “″.”

3. On pressing enter, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp screen.

4. Click on the “Continue Chat” option.

5. Now, the WhatsApp chat window of the entered mobile number will open and you can send them messages.

Send WhatsApp Messages via Truecaller, Without Saving the Phone Number

1. Download the Truecaller app on your mobile and it will not only help identify unknown callers but also allow you to text directly to people without having to save their number.

2. Open the Truecaller app.

3. Type the phone number, of the person you want to message, in the search bar.

4. The app will show the profile of the person.

5. Now scroll down and tap on the WhatsApp option shown in the profile.

6. The WhatsApp chat window of that person will open.

7. Now, you can send messages to the number without saving it in your contacts.

WhatsApp tips and tricks 2022
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Use Siri Shortcut to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Phone Number

Assuming you are an Apple iPhone client, this stunt is uniquely implied for you. You can send messages to unsaved contact on WhatsApp through the assistance of Siri.

1. Open the Apple Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

2. Click on the “Add shortcut”button and install the WhatsApp to Non-Contact shortcut.

3. After the shortcut is installed, tap on it to run it.

4. Now, you will be able to see a pop up reading “Choose recipient.”

5. In the option, type the number followed with the country code (+91- for Indian number) .

6. The WhatsApp chat window of the given number open and you will be able to text the person without having to save their number.

So, these all are the Whatsapp tips and tricks for 2022. If you have any queries please feel free to post them in the comments section or anything you want to ask through mail contact.

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