May 30, 2023
whatsapp new updates

WhatsApp New Updates: WhatsApp has routinely rolled out new features, some original and a few ‘inspired’. The following are five new features from the Meta-owned instant messaging platform.

WhatsApp meets ‘Meet’

WhatsApp New Updates – WhatsApp has started a phased rollout of its Call links feature, which lets users create a call link under the Calls tab, like a Google Meet or Zoom call, and share it with friends and family, for a group video call. Even people without WhatsApp accounts can join the call after downloading the app.

One call link remains active for 90 days and it supports up to 32 users at a time.

Improved Voice Messages

WhatsApp has added a couple of new features to improve its voice chat feature. These include out-of-chat playback, pause/resume recording, preview, playback speed, and remember playback position.

The out-of-chat playback allows users to play a voice message in the background while interacting with other chats or messages. Pause and resume recording allows users to pause and play voice recordings.

The preview feature enables one to listen to a recorded voice message before sending it. The playback speed allows users to increase the playback speed by up to 2x for faster listening times.

A Touch of iMessage

WhatsApp Reactions brought new ways to respond to a WhatsApp message using emojis. Users can long-press on a sent or received message and choose from a pre-defined set of emojis. Now it has added an option of adding a custom emoji.

Share More

WhatsApp has expanded the file size limit to 2GB from 100MB. Users can share bigger files, documents, and other multimedia content with friends and family.

Added Privacy

WhatsApp has added a new privacy option —My Contacts Except– for the profile picture and last seen, in addition to the existing Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. The My Contacts Except… option allows users to create an exception list to hide their last seen and profile picture and online status.

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