March 23, 2023

Gautam Adani outperformed Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault to become the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $154.7 billion, yet just for a short period.

With him occupying the second spot, Arnault was pushed to the third with his family’s net worth falling to $153.5 billion as it slumped by $4.9 billion. Arnault has reoccupied the position with his wealth totaling $152.8 billion though it fell further.

second richest person in the world


  • Adani turned into the richest individual in Asia in February as the share prices of Adani Group’s numerous Indian-listed organizations detonated.

  • A few of Adani’s organizations were remembered for Forbes’ positioning of the 2,000 largest publicly traded companies on the planet: holding organization Adani Enterprises, transportation monster Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, renewable energy provider Adani Green Energy, utility company Adani Transmission and natural gas giant Adani Total Gas.

  • Adani’s wealth surpassed $100 billion in April, and he rocketed past American investor Warren Buffet later that month to become the fifth-wealthiest person in the world. Adani moved ahead of Bill Gates in July and overtook Bezos as the third-richest man earlier this week.
Adani Green Energy Limited
Adani Green Energy Limited

“Being an entrepreneur is my dream job as it tests one’s tenacity. I could never take orders from anyone,” Adani told Forbes in 2010.

Astonishing Facts About Second Richest Person in the World

  • Adani has survived two notable brushes with death, a 1997 kidnapping and a 2008 terrorist attack in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai.

  • Adani pledged to give away $7.7 billion to charity on his 60th birthday in June.

  • His wife Priti Adani chairs the family’s charitable Adani Foundation, which focuses on developing healthcare and education systems in India’s rural regions.

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